“Pawn Shop Queen” LP (Unreleased)

Scheduled for release in Fall 2019. Album preview below.

1b (23)fixed_ppcropped.jpg

Album Notes:

All songs written by Katie Jo Oberthaler (ASCAP) Copyright 2019, except Bad Religion (Written by Katie Oberthaler and LJ Dougherty) and Are You Coming Home Tonight (Written by Katie Oberthaler and Chris Schlarb.)

Recorded, produced and mixed at Big Ego Studios in Long Beach, CA
Produced by Chris Schlarb
Mixing by Chris Schlarb
Engineering by Devin O’Brien

Katie Oberthaler - Songwriting, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Davin Givhan - Electric Guitar
Chris Schlarb - Electric Guitar
George Madrid - Pedal Steel
Anthony Shadduck - Double Bass and Electric Bass
Daniel Chavez - Electric Bass and Backing Vocals
Phillip Glenn - Fiddle, Mandolin, Accordion, Organ, Piano
John Villaneuva - Drums
Tabor Allen - Drums
Heather Sommerhauser - Backing Vocals
Ashly Holland Fry - Backing Vocals

“Prairie flower” EP

Released March 9, 2018

Prairie Flower (14).png

Album Notes:

All songs written by Katie Jo Oberthaler (ASCAP) Copyright 2018.

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded and mixed by Louis Conway of Till Death Studios in Hollywood, California.
Tracks 3 and 4 recorded and mixed by Kirk Jordan of Big Peach Records.
Mastered by Brian Frederick of Hybrid Studios in Costa Mesa, CA.

Katie Oberthaler - Songwriting, Acoustic Guitar
Andy Rau - Banjo
Billy Napial - Electric Guitar
Daniel Chavez - Electric Bass
Nick Medina - Drums
Kirk Jordan - Backing vocals, keyboard