Katie Jo Merch

"Prairie Flower" EP


"Prairie Flower" EP


Debut EP by Katie Jo & The Mijos. 

Track Listing:

1. All My Money's on the Highway
2. Prairie Flower
3. Pawn Shop Queen
4. Crooked Lies

All songs by Katie Oberthaler (Fossil Water Publishing, ASCAP) 

Katie Oberthaler (vocals, acoustic guitar) 
Billy Camacho (vocals, electric guitar) 
Nick Medina (drums) 
Daniel Chavez (vocals, bass, slide guitar) 
Andy Rau (banjo) 
Kirk Jordan (vocals, guitars, keyboards) 

Tracks 1 & 2: Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Louis Conway at Till Death Studios, Hollywood, CA
Tracks 3 & 4: Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Kirk Jordan, Long Beach, CA
Mastered by Brian Frederick at Hybrid Studios, Santa Ana, CA

Album design and layout by Michelle Tschetter, Zooma Design

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